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in Guatemala

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SoFaMa, The School of Fine Arts and Musical Arts

From North America:

Make checks out to:

Commission Ministers Network

Put on memo line Music Camp Guatemala

and mail to:


P.O. Box 291002

Kerrville, TX 78029-1002

From within Guatemala:

You may make a direct deposit to our account at Banco G&T Continental

Asociación Music Camp Guatemala

Account number - Monetorios: 063-0001599-0

Registration for SoFaMa is open!

I want to invite you to participate in SOFAMA. Classes start at the beginning of the year in the New Life League in Villa Nueva and other orphanages as funding and teachers become available. Classes consist in training to be a disciple of Jesus Christ (spiritual formation), teamwork activities, music education and training focusing on playing a wind instrument belonging to a concert  band. Classes are open to children 12 years and older.

The schedule is Monday through Thursday 2:30-4:00 p.m. and Friday of 2.5 hours, and a second session Tuesday through Friday 4:15-5:45 and Friday 3:45-6:45. There are classes for beginners in both sessions, and for intermediates only in the second session.

The instruments are:  flute, oboe, clarinet, sax, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba.

The cost is Q25 per student per month, with Q25 enrollment.

Music Camp Guatemala is a ministry registered with SAT since 2012 for the purpose of teaching young people with limited resources. We have two programs: SOFAMA the band after-school program that has classes four to five times each week and Music Camp Guatemala that is the last week of June each year.

Our goal is to teach young people about the Word of God, how to be a disciple, and to train them to play an instrument and be part of a band.  Students participating in SOFAMA are encouraged to also participate in music camp.

More information about Music Camp Guatemala (McG) and SOFAMA:

To find out if there's still space, call Jorge Muñoz - 4128-6298